Monday, January 02, 2006

Another study in relationships

What A means to B, C can never find out. All one can make are assumptions and allusions. Even in case of well studied and prevalent relationships like say father –son mother- daughter. What X’s father means to X cannot be fully known to Y .What Y does is refer to his/her relationship with father and draw a parallel. But this Fact does not stop us from making Sentimental monologues like ; "How could you do this . For your own ......"

Now my question is: with this knowledge, why do we insist on naming relationships.

  • Why was Alexander so distraught at Hephaestion’s death?

Expert:They were lovers.

Ohhh!(The noise of understanding)

  • Why do these two spend so much time together?

Expert:They both are from same caste/ college /whatever

Oohhhhhh!(The noise of understanding magnified because the person now thinks that he/she looks like a fool not having realised the connection earlier)

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