Thursday, March 16, 2006

An Ode to Nihilism

I do not know why these thoughts came to me yesterday. But they did and are typed here.

Staring at a sphere of Hydrogen

Slowly to helium dying

Is a blob of Carbon and hydrogen

Not to forget nitrogen

Moving a sheet of carbon and hydrogen

So that the radiation

from the sphere of hydrogen

Removed from it water

A compound of hydrogen

So that blobs much smaller,

the skin, Did not endanger

of the bigger blob Of carbon and hydrogen

Inside the blob’s skin

Inside a shell of calcium salts

electric discharge starts

Stops, then restarts

The blob worries

That light from similar blobs

Separated across the sphere

Of silica Iron aluminum

From whose meager carbon and hydrogen

Are formed our blobs

Similar blobs scattering

Scattering salts around,

increasing entropy

Only reason they can give is what the action does

Inside the blobs’ skins

Inside shells of calcium salts

Dopamine firing starts

That light from similar blobs

Will not fall on a membrane

Passing through a fluid

In front of the membrane

Firing electricity on towards

Inside the blob’s skin

inside a shell of calcium salts

To where the signal darts

1 comment:

Sreejith Narayanan said...

hmmm looks like nihilism is the latest trend in the so called true bloreans...

and how do u guys go about choosing topics like this?