Sunday, April 16, 2006

A study in Cuteness

There are many things in the natural world which might be called short circuits. Elaborate mechanisms for certain purposes (circuits) which can get subverted/otherwise wasted. A big example is Masturbation. The Orgasm following sexual intercourse is there to increase the Bonding between the two partners which in turn means they will cooperate to raise the baby. Not something to be done when one feels bored.

One of such Short-circuits is the Cuteness

The attraction to Cute humans does not originate in the desire for a future spouse. It originates in the desire for the protection of the species.

Close your eyes and imagine someone/something you find cute. Hold that Image and check whether these features occur in the image.

  1. It was a Baby/Baby Animal
  2. Big Eyes
  3. Small nose
  4. Large head
  5. Small Limbs
  6. Dimples
  7. Rounded muzzle/face.

If none of the above was in your Cute Image, Mail me

The above features are characteristic of the Human/Animal Babies.

Unlike many other animals, the human tribe/Social group invests its resources for bringing a child into this world. Pregnant and Nursing women are cared and protected. A mechanism for protecting even the kids makes sense.

In case of emergencies like the attack of a group of predators or in case of Forest fires, the fleeing group needs to carry away the low-mobility Kids. The individuals strong enough to carry the kids are attracted to unattended babies by the cuteness. They want to protect it irrespective of whether the parent is to be found nearby. Hence the cute babies stand out so that we at least chck for them before running away at full speed.

[For Example: In many movies there are scenes of rioting /violence where a lone baby is shown amid adults running about. The protagonist desires to protect it. The audience also greatly sympathizes with this action. ]

Cuteness and adolescence have been associated together. One of the First Crushes of life [all the crushes for some] is said to be someone cute during Teenage days. My Stand here: At an age when the body is still getting ready for adulthood, it is useless for the mind to search for a spouse.

So what is the attraction due to? Why the Crush at the Cute Boy/Girl In class /Neighbourhood or on the screen?

The attraction here is with a purpose to protect the person rather than to go the family way with her/him. Juvenile animals in Many Mammals participate in protecting the Babies. Similarly, Human Teenagers have enough strength to pick up babies and run. So this attraction for cute images develops in adolescence.

Another Evidence for my contention is the decline in this Desire for one’s spouse to be cute. As Teenagers mature they move away from cute boys/girls to Intelligent , good listeners, sense of humour, character, hot bodies, good talkers etc. In actuality they now start the actual search for the spouse.

So out comes my advice. If on thinking about one’s Love of life the first thought in the mind is he/she is so cute It means that a short circuit is occurring.

Do not marry someone you Find Cute


Chintamani Kurse said...

After that warning, do I dare marry someone I find cute

Arpan said...

quite true, but its not that ur focus shifts from cute to the aspects that u mentioned. You still find some people cute after passing that age of adolescence

Arpan said...

*completely shifts

Vinay said...

The attraction for cute images persists till death. All the while we are powerful to protect the cute babies.
But when we think of ideal spouse, the cuteness is no longer the primary criterion.

Parijat said...

Very interesting insight. Just yesterday, I was having a discussion with a friend that most guys end up not proposing to the cutest lady but someone they can talk to at length. Perhaps this explains why it is so.

TenG said...

Interesting. However, the fact that men need women to talk to is that male bonding is less than adequate. Good point on cuteness though. What if she is cute AND has the hips to bear my child?? I would LOVE such propagation of the species eh?

Vinay said...

Yes here the question is which one was primary?
Is she a good bodied one who is also cute ?
or a cute one with a good body?

Lamvo said...

i think it is only obvious that looks do not last. What the heck are you saying?