Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Life so far

Now in the last month of my last term as a PGP1.

When I came here I felt lucky. Not to have gained admission, but because I had managed to come here to get admitted in time.Decided to "hit the ground running" and learn.No gaming. Gtalk, blog and orkut access only on weekends. when the six day week set in, even they stopped.

1st Term courses were interesting especially after the hardcore mugging I had to do to clear the 8 courses in final semester. cases were interesting, imagining myself in the shoes of managers past taking the decision with uncertainity. I certainly loved the uncertainity.

Then came HR grades. Deja vu the mugging days of meta and the frustration of having spent half an hour describing when 10 minutes of term-dropping would have been enough. Maybe Prof. Sunil Maheshwari's material would have helped my CG

2nd term, adaptation, learnt the important of Glorious c.v. points in professional services.Discovered mathematical/structural finance. Enjoyed not having to mug formulae in probability. Played a maverick in summer placements. Actually realised that I am more flexible than imagined. Discovered so many gaps while conversing that decided to make communication courses my first priority in 2 nd year. Realised that I may not see India for a long-time after graduation. Decided to free myself up to roam around.

Today I Bid for the next term courses . Got courses in communication plus a highly contested one in structuring. Will be alloted some other ones later to fill up requirements.

So does that mean this blog is back ? up and running? don't know.


bharath said...

may be it does. may be it doesnt. depends on u.

Ajith said...

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