Sunday, February 28, 2010

Say it is not so...

I have a sneaky feeling that the Next Blog >> on top of this page is not really random. It seems as if some kind of classification based Google algorithm is what work which takes you to a site similar to the current blog one is viewing. Worse is the possibility that my Blog is now clubbed alongside all the "mommy baby Identity crisis" {MBIC} blogs where a low self esteem woman becomes a mother and blogs as her baby to gain attention.

Recently, the N button above has been taking me to a lot of "our family" and MBIC blogs. So I gathered that it is only an indication of the distribution of types of blogs. So many families and new mothers have been blogging recently I thought.

Today morning, I stumbled onto this website by a hardcore gamer (he writes game guides to a JRPGs; that is Hardcore dude.) Then when I click on the N button; horror of horrors!!! I went to blogs about games! Continuing on, the button kept taking me to gaming blogs.

This is serious. Next up I need to check how Google indexes the blogs (and has anyone noticed how the editor specifies a capital G ?).

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