Monday, February 22, 2010

Thoughts from PC expo in Bangalore

Visited Pc Expo yesterday at Palace Grounds. Only big company there to promote it's products was Asus (where the nice stall in-charge gave me a free copy of their complete catalog and also the contact to their distributor in SP road)

Almost all the other stalls were filled by operators out to rake either a quick buck or lots of High Net worth Individuals' contacts from the crowd .Games n’Gadgets stall had 2 Big screens where people could try out Wii and Wii Motion Plus . Plus they had a huge collection of games and peripherals on sale . While drooling over the titles and the box art of these unapproachable items (either too expensive or do not run on a PC). I noticed :

Price of a Playstation 2 (Released in 2000): Rs 5999

Price of a Final Fantasy XII DVD (Released ~ 2007) : Rs999 = 1/6 th that of the whole console.

Such economic incentives are why people promote software piracy and hardware counterfeiting . Bangaloreans seeking to make a comparison should visit any of the Big "Supermarkets " which have sprung up .If you do not find any store ,visit Gopalan Legacy Shopping Mall on Mysore road and check out the toy section of "total ". Anyone wants to play 2 player game ?

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Gadgets said...

Although all these going on, but software piracy stopping steps no one is taking... i think this should be our first action against piracy.
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