Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saarang Post part 5

Day 4: The operation to clean my Room reached its logical conclusion at 2:30 a.m. We managed to fill up the drum/bin (picture here ) with Junk, mostly paper, notes I wanted to give to juniors but in which, they didn’t seem interested .

(No gross details)

Bottom-line: ATM card not found

I slept at almost 3. For the relevance of 3 AM in life ask some one from 2002 batch of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department of IIT Madras.

Strangely enough, I got up again around half past 6. I do not know why, but during Saarang and ever since, I have been getting up without alarm around the same time. I used to find it difficult just the previous semester. Also to be noted is the fact that I do not have any 8 o clock class. Probably body’s adaptation to 26 credits.

I reached CLT at 9. Animation Workshop registrations were just about to begin. Only event occurring near enough was LM solo finals. Some lady was putting on histrionics. In the CLT lobby, I found Sahil Kini to talk to and try solving the daily puzzles

(Ethics You ask ?Two words: Daily Quiz).

Finally registrations occurred and I was free to go to the bank to withdraw money in the old fashioned way (or the new fashioned if the tax stays).

The AV quiz cords upheld the tradition by arriving late as well as making a tongue in cheek dedication to Mardi gras.

Observe the picture below.

The three guys actually reading /attempting the quiz form our team. In front of us, heads down, are Deepak Baid and Arpan Nalwaya. The blurred guy behind: Nikhil Rangaraju. All of us knew each other. Sometime after the commencement of prelims, Arpan and Deepak walked out. Official Reason: No third team member. When confronted with the fact out comes the cliché: anyway nothing would have happened.

Kumar Nikhil, meanwhile, was out making mammon playing consultant to a Jee coaching centre (he now plans to buy a DVD writer with that).

Sometime into the animation workshop, I realized that Shorty did not like 3D animation. Sensing an opportunity to avenge all the occasion when he had pained me with discourses on anime, I merely returned some of his statements in modified form. They were calling us to the desk in batches while running Final Fantasy 7; Advent Children on screen.

Initiate: Full tempo heavy artillery pounding

“Just see how wonderful the hair is moving”

“Look at the simulation of all volcanic smoke and dust”.

“Check this out, the dust hurled by the bike is so natural”

To know the efficacy of my efforts, ask Purva who suffered collateral damage (Sorry mate), Shorty will make evasive statements like “I was not pained… just…

The presentation of 2D animation was marvelous. (I drew a recognizable human for the first time).The presentation on 3D animation software started well. But the presenter went on tweaking the face he was modeling to make it perfect. This bored the audience. Purva left, Shorty also left, I did not.

I believe it to be impolite to abandon a presentation and exit. So many people had put so much effort to make this dream of theirs a reality. It is common human courtesy that you should not leave. I took the Moral high ground and did not leave. I took a nap =))=))=)).

Waking up, I witnessed him finish the finishing touches and give a quick introduction to some actually useful features of Maya.

Next Stop: CLT for host performance. Jam final session was concluding. I wanted enough people to vacate so that I could get a front row seat. But in the exodus, I found Arpan, Neha et al.

Me: What do you people imagine you are doing?

Deepak: We are hungry.

A hungry people listens not to reason, not cares for justice, nor is bent by any prayers.

-Seneca the younger

How was the host show?

  • If I return for next year Saarang: Don’t go. It is never good. All hype............Even if you attend, go to the last rows, away from the cacophonous loud speakers.

  • If I do not return: Splendid, better than pro shows. LSG is God. A Pure rock fan from the time before the junk composers.
[Note: Prof LSG also managed to sublimally insert matrimonial ads for Hariharan (Cubba) and Karthik (Bapu) during the concert.]

Light music had nothing to rhapsodize. Main Quiz finals are always considered esoteric. But this year it began with what has become the latest chartbuster in IITM:

Eef you come today

from the very popular movie Operation Diamond Racket. The audio didn’t work. Hence the quizzers from IIMB pitched in their voices. The inebriations had begun. Feeling sleepy, I retired.

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