Thursday, December 04, 2008

Obama: War against Cynicism

"whatever the opinion polls say, the white americans will never vote for a nigger"

If you ever interview these fellows they will describe themselves as optimists , but they are pathetic cynical fellows. There only utility to the scociety is the humour that the occasional wit that cynicism brings out. Still ,we see them doing well in leadership roles in the society.

I beg to differ from these fellows.

I believe that Obama is a man driven by Ideas and part time education from the "Hard knocks " school of Life. I was surprised that he did not make Hillary his running mate. I believe strongly she will be in his cabinet (Yes I believe Obama will win). I also expect a very hard first year for him, his change and Bipartisanship agenda derailed by narrow minded cynics who managed to get themselves elected will play turf politics.But that will help identify and isolate them. I do not see a miracle, but something close in the next four years.


Octa said...
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Octa said...

Now that he won a nobel, expect more miracles :D