Sunday, September 09, 2007

Impressions: Ahmedabad

I have the desire to discover. I have a wish, to travel to and stay in each of the states of India . For that , I have made a clear numerical condition.

Travel to a state: It means that I will spend at least 24 hrs in local living /sightseeing in at least one district of the state.

Some years ago, I visited Calcutta. I caught a morning train from Jamshedpur, roamed Calcutta and caught the return train the night of the same day. Does not qualify.

The Goal is to "Visit" all states of India before I turn 30.

For a long time, Ahmedabad/Ahmadabad/Amdavad, where my current college of instruction exists,was the Northernmost I ever had been in my life.It wrested this title from... Jamshedpur.

So here are my impressions of this "home away from home".

Roads: Brilliant! excellently maintained . These good roads motivated me to take up bike riding. [The last /only time I rode a bike was when a cousin of mine bought a new TVS Victor years ago.] So riding a friend's Bike , humming "Dead or Alive" , I get a sense of why the bikers enjoyed their Long rides.

Traffic sense: Pathetic. I used to think traffic sense in TN is bad before I came across Ahmedabad drivers.

Food: lots of flashy places with great "Ambience" but unremarkable food. Except if one has the patience to visit the Old part of the city East of R.Sabarmati. West of the River, there are Lounge Bars, places where a nuclear family can claim to have gone out , savored "exotic" dishes or a group of college goers/neophyte career people can meet their friends/crowd and snob about their knowledge of other Cuisines.

When I realised that I was coming north of Jamshedpur whose Winters I had the privilege of experiencing, I brought on a lot of Cold weather protection. Most of them in Vain. The weather is usually Hot ( God bless the AC classrooms ) except in Winter when it cools down.

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