Monday, February 06, 2006


This is a list of haikuised prose from the article Adithya and I co authored.They follow all the Haku rules(especially mood of confusion) so enjoy.

This article is

About some humans: basi-

cally a parti…

Those who are wonde-

ring why I have used these terms

Click here}.Reports

They each have their own

Distinct fashion identi-

ty. No known commu…

But this is a sis-

terhood united by their

eyes: Eye liner in…

They would rather be

Dead than be seen in public

Without eyeliner in …

So this is about

A group of humans (let us

Call them Homo sa…

In the good old west,

Such traits are a property

Of Punk Rock Fans. But …

They have neither an-

ger nor social alie-

nation.Their preferred …

Humor apart, the

reason these girls are being

described is because…

Spooky as it may

seem, they all have a common

mental virtue: An…

They are emanci-

pated, but not the femi-

nists who believe that…

They are mathema-

tically and mechanic-

cally impaired but …

They treat others as

humans; not male /female. They

are neither diplo….

They know they are far

from perfect and are com-

fortable with the

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